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A key benefit that e-commerce can offer compared to store-based retail businesses is accessibility. Internet businesses can offer their customers a store that is available 24 hours a day from any place and any device, making it very convenient for customers to shop (Roberts & Zahay 2012). It can also offer convenience and fast communication with customer service and helpdesks through chat functions, calls or e-mail. As couriers and postal services offer tracking options today, Internet businesses are now able to offer order tracking to their customers, which adds on to the convenience and value for the consumer (Roberts & Zahay 2012).

From a business perspective, online shopping reduces costs and enables marketers to access and communicate with a larger customer base as they can engage with customers directly. Traditional store-based retail businesses create value by activating more of the consumer’s senses when shopping as it is a face-to-face experience along with personal service (Gramigna 2017).

For The Reject Shop and DealsDirect, offerings and low prices are two of the key values created for their customers (DealsDirect 2018; The Reject Shop 2018). 


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